New Student Information

Welcome to the William States Lee College of Engineering at Charlotte!


Hello, New 49er!

This page has information you need to prepare for Before your upcoming SOAR session, useful instructions for During your SOAR session, and important reminders for After your SOAR session (Bookmark this page for quick reference!)
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Do you have questions not covered below? Send us an email at, and include your name, student ID, and question(s) in your email.


Now that you are a 49er Engineer, you need to complete the following steps before you attend your SOAR session.

  • Activate your NinerNET Account (PDF) if you haven't done so already
    • Set your Preferred Name here
    • You can set an Authorized User or Guest Access here


  • Math Placement Information


  • Complete Pre-SOAR modules
    • Invite sent to your UNC Charlotte email
    • Modules found in Canvas
    • Deadline: two days before your SOAR session


  • Undecided on a Major?
    • Undecided Engineering majors: Complete the CoE ENGR Intake Worksheet to ensure you are able to register for your first semester courses.
    • Undecided Engineering Technology majors: Complete the CoE ETGR Intake Worksheet to ensure you are able to register for your first semester courses.
    • Although there are common foundational courses in math, science, and introductory to engineering concepts, students begin taking specialized courses their first two semesters based on their engineering or engineering technology major.


  • Changed your mind and want to Change your Major?
    • Good News: If you want to change your major prior to your SOAR date, send an email request to Include your full name and Student ID in the email with your request.
    • If you wait until your SOAR date to request a major change, you still need to email your request to You also may not be able to register for classes during your SOAR session. If that happens you will need to contact your Major Advisor after SOAR for registering assistance.


  • Course Registration Information Instructions
    • Log in to Connect (UNC Charlotte Advising System
    • Use instructions here to view or download your personal course recommendations for Fall 2021
    • NOTE: You will NOT be allowed to actually register for classes until your SOAR session with us.


  • Check your UNC Charlotte email regularly
    • Log in at: and enter your NinerNET username and password


  • View AP, IB, or Transfer credits received by UNC Charlotte


  • CONSIDER applying to the Engineering Freshman Learning Community


  • Questions? Email:


  • Turn your video camera On


  • Open your UNC Charlotte Advising Transcript (in Banner Self Service)
    • AP, Dual Enrolled, or Transfer credits previously taken will be here before SOAR if Admissions has received your official transcript.
    • Some credits may impact your recommended fall courses.
    • To see if your previous credits apply to your major, reference the Orientation Transfer Credit Worksheet NOTE: Credit will be forfeited if you retake the same course at UNC Charlotte.


  • Have Connect open


  • Open your previously saved Orientation Transfer Credit Worksheet (if applicable)

What You Need To Remember



    • All students have an Advising Hold placed on their account after their SOAR session. This hold is placed on your account to prevent you from making changes to your schedule without first speaking with your advisor. If you need to make changes to your class schedule, email your Major Advisor. The advising hold remains on your account until the day after the last day to drop/add classes so you can't accidentally drop a required class. Contact your Major Advisor about this hold ONLY if you need to make changes to your class schedule.


    • Your Major Advisor is listed in Connect under Your Success Team (right side of the page). You can also email to request help finding your Major Advisor, and someone will get back to you within three business days.


  • COE First-Year Advising (Canvas Course)
    • An email will be sent to your UNC Charlotte email account regarding this Canvas course. Accept the invitation in the email, and join the Canvas course before August 30th.


    • If you have any credits that come in after your SOAR date, and you want to make changes to your fall schedule, email your Major Advisor
    • NOTE: It is the student's responsibility to check their UNC Charlotte transcript and to inform their Major Advisor when these credits are posted.