Pre-Registration Advising

The Office of Student Development and Success (OSDS) is committed to helping you strategically plan and build the best course schedule, allowing you to progress to your major department and graduation. We are your partners through this process! Continuing students please follow the steps below to better understand what you need to do for Pre-Registration Advising.

For new First-Year students, check out our New Student Information page for information on preparing for your first semester. The information for New First-Year Students differs from that for our continuing Lee College of Engineering students.

Go through the advising modules in Canvas

Log in to your LCOE-Advising Canvas page and go through the Pre-Registration Advising modules.

View next semesters class schedule

The University Academic Calendar posts the date the schedule is available in Banner. Look up the courses you will need based on your major’s Academic Plan of Study.

Review your academic plan of study

Download your plan from the OSDS website under Advising > Academic Plans of Study.

Fill out your plan of study

Fill out your Plan of Study with your past semester’s grades and their corresponding semester. Also, note the courses you want to take next semester.

Do you need to meet with your advisor?

If you are a first-semester student or received an Early Alert, you must schedule an advising appointment with your Major Advisor via Connect.

Upload your academic plan of study to Canvas

Once you have reviewed your Academic Plan of Study & chosen your next semester’s courses, fill out your Plan & upload it to Canvas for approval from your Major Advisor. Once you have received approval, your advising hold will be removed from your account.

Register for classes via banner

Based on your approved Academic Plan of Study, register for the courses you and your Major Advisor decided were best for your path forward.

If you have questions about registering for classes, you should make an appointment or email your Major Advisor. Your major Advisor is listed under your Success Team in Connect and on your Advising Transcript in Student Self Service.

General First-Year Advising Questions?