Grade Replacement

If you are considering replacing a grade for one or more of your courses, please contact your Major Advisor to talk through choosing the best courses for you to replace. You can contact your Major Advisor through Connect by looking at your Success Team and clicking on the envelope icon.

Students have until the university Withdraw deadline to make their elections for grade replacement listed on the Academic Calendar.

Undergraduate students may replace up to two (2) courses (maximum of 8 hours) for grade replacement. Both grades will be reflected on their UNC Charlotte transcript. However, the higher of the two grades will be used in calculation of the GPA.

On October 19, 2020, UNC System policy 400.1.5[R] was amended to exclude all Spring 2020, Fall 2020, and Spring 2021 courses from the maximum number of allowable grade replacements.

Grade Replacement Policy Information – Fall 2021

  1. This policy applies to courses first taken in Fall 2007 and thereafter.
  2. All courses for which a grade of A, B, C, D, or F may be assigned are eligible for grade replacement under this policy.

    • Grade replacements cannot be used on a course in which the student has withdrawn.
  3. The course to be replaced and the repeat course must have their grades assigned by UNC Charlotte.
  4. Students must register to retake the course. If credit was earned in the original attempt (grade of D or above), the student must first obtain a Repeat Course Override before registering.
  5. Grade Replacement will automatically be applied for the first two courses (maximum of 8 credit hours) repeated where the previous grade earned was a C or below.
  6. The student has until the withdrawal deadline for the term or half term to:

    • “Opt-Out” of using Grade Replacement or,
    • Apply grade replacement to a different course being repeated during the same term
    • Students who plan to withdraw from a selected grade-replacement course should cancel this grade replacement transaction before they withdraw from the course.

      • This will prevent the course withdrawal from consuming one of their two allotted grade replacements.
  7. Students enrolled in special topics classes for a grade replacement must enroll in the same topic for which they originally received the grade to be replaced.

    • Topics courses will need to be reviewed and approved before Grade Replacement can be applied.
  8. A grade received owing to an admitted or adjudicated academic dishonesty violation is not eligible for Grade Replacement.

    • This exception is not subject to appeal or academic petition.
  9. When the course being repeated is a course with an associated lab, the lecture and lab may be repeated concurrently and only consume one of the two allowable grade replacement requests if the requests are made simultaneously.
  10. Once Grade Replacement has been applied or after the student changes their Grade Replacement, an automated email will be sent confirming the change.

OSDS Grade Replacement Workshop Presentation Information: