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Are you ready to get started, new NINER?

Congratulations NINER! We are glad you are here!  It's time to begin your new adventure with the College of Engineering as Engineers, Engineering Technologists & Construction Managers.

Once completing your Pre-SOAR modules, follow the steps below to prepare for your first day of classes. These steps will guide you through the course registration process and set you up for SUCCESS!

Charlotte C

Students will have many decisions to make during their time at Charlotte. One of the most daunting, yet exciting decisions is choosing a major. Have you chosen a major yet?

YES, I have chosen a major!

Great! You will need to download your Major Academic Plan of Study (APS). This will have all the required courses you will need to receive credit for before you can graduate as an Engineer, Engineering Technologist or Construction Manager.

Engineering & Engineering Technology Academic Plans of Study 

NO, I am still an ENGR or ETGR undecided major.

ENGR Majors:

  • ENGR (Engineering Undecided) majors will have until the end of their first semester to choose a major.
    • ENGR students must choose an engineering major plan of study to 'follow' their first semester.

  • ENGR (Engineering Undecided) majors can register for classes in their first semester without a firm commitment to an engineering major.
    • They still must use one of the Academic Plans of Study to follow for their first semester, however.

  • If you have questions about choosing a major, join our Zoom drop-in meeting to talk to a peer mentor about your questions! Link is below!

ETGR Majors:

  • To best prepare for the demands of Engineering Technology & Construction Management courses, ETGR (Engineering Technology Undecided) majors must choose a major before they can register for courses. 
    • ETGR majors take major-specific courses in their first semester and therefore must declare a specific major.

If you have questions about choosing a major join our Zoom drop-in meeting to talk to a peer mentor about your question! Information is below!

To change your major you will need to email Admissions and request a change of major.

Ways to Contact Admissions

Yes, but I want to change to another major before classes begin.
  • Students who have declared a major but would like to change to a different major before registering for classes begin will need to contact Admissions to have their major changed in Banner Self Service.
  • When emailing Admissions be sure to include your Name, UNCC student ID #, your current major and the major you wish to change to. 

Ways to Contact Admissions

Ask-A-Peer Zoom Drop-In Times!

Sometime asking another student questions is a great way to get a different perspective and learn fun exciting details about being a College of Engineering student!  Ask a student about their favorite course, what the labs are like or if you have time to change buildings between class times! Out students are a wealth of knowladge!

Click here to Join!

June 13th - June 27th
  • Monday 11:00 - 12:30
  • Monday 3:30 - 5:00
  • Wednesday 3:00 - 4:30
  • Thursday 11:00 - 12:30
July 6th - August 8th
  • Monday 12:00 - 5:00
  • Wednesday 11:30 - 3:30
  • Wednesday 3:15 - 4:45
  • Thursday 12:00 - 2:00

Once you are finished with the Canvas Pre-SOAR modules, the Registration Hold on your student account will be removed after 1 business day.  It is a student's responsibility to send all high school transcripts and AP, IB, Dual Enrollment, or Early College credits to the Office of Admissions to be processed. It is also the student's responsibility to send all high school transcripts and AP, IB, Dual Enrollment, or Early College credits to the Office of Admissions to be processed. In addition, students are expected to monitor their UNC Charlotte advising transcripts to see when credits are posted and to make changes to their schedule.

 Do you have AP, IB, Dual Enrollment, or Early College credit?

    • AP, IB, Dual Enrollment or Early College credits will be added to your UNC Charlotte transcript when Admissions receives your official score report or Early College transcripts.
      • AP scores typically post in early July. Keep a lookout for your advising transcript in Banner Self Service.
      • To see the credits and required exam scores, click here.
    • Be sure to have all official test scores and transcripts sent to Admissions before registering for courses so all your earned credits can be considered when registering for the best and most accurate courses for your major. 

Ways to Contact Admissions

Impacts on Registration:

    • AP, IB, Dual Enrollment, Early College or high school credit must appear on your Advising Transcript in Banner Self Service before you can register for the next course in a sequence.
    • You will not be able to register for the next course in a sequence unless Admissions has received and added your AP, IB, Dual Enrollment, or high school credit to your UNC Charlotte transcript.
      • For example, if you are expecting AP credit for Calculus I but Admissions has not received your official score report, you will not be able to register for MATH 1242 (Calculus II).
      • Advisors are not able to override prerequisite requirements.


Before registering for courses, you should have transcripts from all previous institutions, including High School, Community College, or other institutions sent to Charlotte.

Please note that it may take several days or weeks for your previous transcripts to be received and added to your UNC Charlotte transcript. It is in your best interest to have your transcripts sent to us as soon as possible.

Course Credits:

Designing your schedule after all your obtained course credits have been processed through the Office of Admissions will help you from having to redesign your course schedule once more credits come in.

You can check Banner Self Service to see if Admissions has processed your credit by checking your UNC Charlotte transcript. Login into Then follow this path: Click on Banner Self Service -> Student Services/Student Accounts -> Student Records -> Advising Transcript. 

Math Placement Level:

Establishing a Math Placement Level is crucial before registering for courses. The Engineering and Engineering Technology and Construction Management program relies on foundational mathematics. Your math placement determines the courses you are eligible to take in your first semester. Without a math level, you will not be able to register for much other than general education courses.

Ways to establish a Math Placement Level: 

  • MATH SAT or MATH ACT scores
  • Taking the UNC Charlotte Math Placement Test

Math Placement Test Information

Impacts on Registration:

Because many of the science and engineering courses are tied to the foundational math courses, starting with a Math Level lower than the listed level for your major will lengthen your path to graduation. This path can be adjusted by taking summer courses the summer after your first two semesters at Charlotte.  

  • Look at the table below to see how your math placement level or your test scores will correlate with a math course.


If you have questions, please attend the New Student Registration Week, June 6th -11th or Registration Support Wednesdays during the summer.

All students in the College of Engineering (COE) are required to take a Mathematics course in their first semester. You will choose your starting math course based on your Math Placement Level or AP, IB Dual Enrollment, or Early College credit listed on your UNC Charlotte transcript. Your Official UNC Charlotte Advising Transcript can be found in Banner Self-Service.  

Finding your Advising Transcript:

  • Use your NinerNet credentials to Login to Banner. This is the purple gear icon in your My Charlotte Portal. 
  • Click: Student Services/Student Accounts
  • Click: Student Records
  • Click: Advising Transcript
  • Click: Display Transcript
  • Your Math Placement Level will be noted here as ML1, ML2, ML3 or ML4
All credits received and processed are located here on your Advising Transcript. 
  • Scroll down the transcript to see all processed credits.

Choosing your starting math course:

  • Engineering students should begin in MATH 1103 or MATH 1241
  • Engineering Technology students should begin in MATH 1100 or MATH 1103

Engineering majors with a Math Level: ML1 or ML2:

  • If you have a ML1 or ML2 you can take the Math Placement Test to raise your Math Placement Level.

Note*: The Banner Self-Service system will not allow you to register for a course in which you do not meet the pre-requisite requirements on your Advising Transcript.

UNC Charlotte's General Education program is designed to provide students with the broad liberal arts education that is an essential part of the college experience. These requirements fall into five major categories.

  • Writing & Mathematics
  • Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Liberal Arts
  • Communication Skills

Each College of Engineering major has the General Education program built into their Academic Plan of Study.

  • Some of these courses are chosen and listed on your Academic Plan of Study, while you are able to choose others from an approved list from your major department.
  • Those choices can be found in the University Catalog.

University Catalog Information

Tips for Registering for General Education Courses:

  • When registering for courses, it is important that you are looking at and following your Academic Plan of Study BUT if you are unable to register for your WRDS required course, you CAN register for one of the needed LBST courses.

  • Look closely at your Academic Plan of Study to see if there is an associated lab required for a science elective.

  • Always check your Academic Plan of Study for pre- or co-requisites for your Gen Ed courses.

To look at the full General Education curriculum, click the link below. Remember that not all listed options on the linked website are approved by all College of Engineering major departments. 

  • Before registering check your Academic Plan of Study for approved General Education electives.

General Education Curriculum Information


The Academic Plan of Study lists all degree requirements for your academic program.  The Academic Plan of Study is your roadmap that provides a recommended semester-by-semester schedule of courses you need to take for your major. It is also a tool to keep track of your academic progress.


If you have questions about understanding your Academic Plan of Study, go back to your Pre-SOAR modules and re-watch the video on Understanding your Major Academic Plan of Study.

You can also attend New Student Registration Week or Registration Support Wednesdays to ask questions about the Academic Plan for a student.

College of Engineering - Registration Support Zoom

 Lets Get Started!

Plan Ahead:

Draft your ideal and backup schedule before you attempt to register for classes.  View the different sections of courses in Banner and add days and times to a schedule to create a draft. 

Drafting a schedule will allow you to see if there are issues like attempting to register for classes offered at the same time. The classes you add to your plan are not guaranteed until you register for them. 

Download a Weekly Student Calendar

Create Your Plan:

  • Login to your My Charlotte account.
  • Click on the Banner Self-Service icon, a purple gear.
  • Select the Student Services/Student Accounts tab.
  • Select Registration.
  • Click on Look-Up Classes to Add.
  • Select the term for which you'd like to register and click Submit.
  • Enter your search criteria. Search by subject. All the classes that match your criteria will be displayed.
  • Click on View Sections for the course you want to add.
  • Click the checkbox beside the course section you wish to add and click Register. 
  • Do this for each course you want to register for. 

Registration Videos and How To's:

Here are some videos which will help walk you though the most important information about registering with Banner Self-Service.  Take a look at the videos linked below or watch the whole playlist!


Take a look at these Pro-Tips as you are creating your schedule for the fall semester. There are tips and tricks to registering as well as things to consider when you are making your schedule.

Banner Registration

  • Register for your Mathematics course first!  This will allow you to register for any co-requisites of your math course which must be taken at the same time.

  • Register for your science course and lab next if your major has a science/lab requirement.

  • Waitlist - If a course is full, see if it has a waitlist and add your name to the waitlist. You will be notified via UNC Charlotte email if a seat becomes available. There is no guarantee that you will get a seat, but it is a great tool.

    • Check out the information about how to use a Waitlist.
    • Check your UNC Charlotte email often so you do not miss any notifications!

Schedule Wizard

  • Schedule Wizard is a tool you can use to make different schedules and choose from those schedules when registering for classes.

  • Log in to your My UNC Charlotte Portal and look for the Schedule Wizard icon under the Quick Links section to begin creating potential schedules.

  • Select the schedule that works best for you, and click Send to Shopping Cart.

  • REMEMBER! You need to click "Register" in Banner Self-Service to complete the registration process
*Note: Schedule Wizard does not check for or display restrictions on courses. 
  • If a course has a restriction (such as major or classification) you will receive an error in Banner if you do not meet the qualifications to register for the course.

Things to know about Registering for LBST Courses

  • When registering for Liberal Studies courses check the course number carefully!

    • Ex: LBST 2101

    • If the course number contains a Q (i.e. LBST 2101Q), it is a Prospect for Success section that requires authorization. The Q indicates that some sections are reserved for specific colleges and may not be accessible to college of engineering students.

    • If the course number contains an H (i.e. LBST 2101H), the course is for Honors Students only.
      • Students must be enrolled in the University Honors Program, Crown Scholars Program, Martin Scholars Program or have permission from the Honors College.
      • To request permission, contact: Shannon Zurell-Carey (Office Administrator) at

Charlotte Honors College Information

The University Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar is an important tool in a student's toolbelt! It is the university schedule for all important dates and deadlines:
  • First & Last day of classes.
  • Exam week dates.
  • Drop/Add deadline at the start of the semester.
  • Last day to change or Opt-Out of Grade Replacement
  • University holidays and closed dates.

Gmail & Google Calendar Pro Tips


Your university email address is the communication link for all official communication from the university, advisors, faculty, and Canvas!

  • Create labels to house different categories of emails
  • Create 'rules' to automatically file incoming emails, decluttering your inbox for better management.
Google Calendar:

Google Calendar is a powerful tool to manage your time as a student!

How to set up your Canvas App best for YOU!

To Download the Canvas app search, your App Store for Canvas.

  • When the app launches, click on the "Find my school" button.
  • Type: University of North Carolina - Charlotte
  • This will take you to Web Authentification @ Charlotte
  • Enter your Niner Net username and password
  • Authorize and once authenticated your registers courses should be listed.

Course notification preferences

First-Year Requirements
All new first-year students are initially advised by The Office of Student Development & Success (OSDS) within the College of Engineering. Students must satisfy the following requirements in order to progress in the curriculum and matriculate to their major department.
Engineering Majors
  • Earn at least a 2.250 GPA in the first semester
  • Complete all non-elective courses in the Freshman year curriculum with grades of C or above
  • Pass all courses within three attempts, including withdrawing from a course with a grade of W
  • Complete the Freshman curriculum within three regular semesters, if starting in the required first-semester mathematics course
  • Earn a 2.5 cumulative GPA upon completion of the Freshman curriculum
In addition, engineering majors must complete all of the above requirements before enrolling in College of Engineering Sophomore-year engineering courses

CLICK HERE to access and sign the First Year Progression Agreement

Engineering Technology and Construction Management Majors

  • Earn at least a 2.0 GPA in the first semester
  • Complete all non-elective courses in the Freshman year curriculum with grades of C or above
  • Pass all courses within three attempts, including withdrawing from a course with a grade of W
  • Complete the Freshman curriculum within three regular semesters, if starting in the required first-semester mathematics course
  • Earn a 2.0 cumulative GPA upon completion of the Freshman curriculum
In addition, engineering technology and construction management majors must complete all of the above requirements before enrolling in College of Engineering Junior-year courses.

CLICK HERE to access and sign the First Year Progression Agreement

Join other students who share your interests in engineering, engineering technology, and construction management. Build new friendships, delve into your interests, develop leadership and practical skills, network with professionals, and establish yourself outside the classroom.

Engineering, engineering technology, and construction management are all about teamwork. It is easy to show up to class, do the work, get good grades, and graduate. BUT if you truly want to immerse yourself in the College of Engineering community, join one or more engineering academic enrichment programs from the list below!

  • This is a Women in Engineering program that promotes and fosters peer and professional networking among women in the College of Engineering.
  • Click HERE for more information.
Engage ME!
  • This is a diversity and inclusion program designed to build a strong community of College of Engineering students, foster academic & professional development, and position students to recognize and seize opportunities for success.
  • Click HERE for more information.
MAPS -Maximizing Academic & Personal Success
  • MAPS is a Peer Coaching Transition program that works with students to establish personal connections; learn, understand, and apply academic success and professional development strategies; and grow in self-confidence and personal independence.
  • Click HERE for more information.