Academic Plans of Study

Academic Plans of Study

Academic Plans of Study contain the list of courses required for a major. The plans are broken down into academic years and semesters. This is a general guide to support students on the track towards degree completion.

Click on the links below to view the First-Year-Advising Academic Plans & Electives for each major in the W.S. Lee College of Engineering. Please note that individual plans may vary slightly.

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Finding Prerequisites and Co-requisites

It is important to understand the prerequisites and co-requisites for the courses you need to take for your major. 
Prerequisites and co-requisites are listed in the catalog course description and on the Academic Plan of Study. 

Understanding Liberal Studies (LBST)

The UNC Charlotte faculty created a set of Liberal Studies (LBST) courses dedicated exclusively to General Education.  These courses introduce students to fundamental themes and develop core competencies.  All students take four LBST courses.  

Arts and Society (3 credit hours)

One course in the Arts and Society is required. 

Select one of the following:

  • LBST 1101 - The Arts and Society: Dance (3)
  • LBST 1102 - The Arts and Society: Film (3)
  • LBST 1103 - The Arts and Society: Music (3)
  • LBST 1104 - The Arts and Society: Theater (3)
  • LBST 1105 - The Arts and Society: Visual Arts (3)

Liberal Studies Courses (9 credit hours)

Two 2000-level LBST courses chosen from the three categories below are required. 

A) LBST 2101 - Western Cultural and Historical Awareness (3) 

B) LBST 2102 - Global and Intercultural Connections (3) 

C) LBST 221X - Ethical and Cultural Critique (Select ONE)

Select one of the following:

  • LBST 2211 - Ethical Issues in Personal, Professional, and Public Life (3) 
  • LBST 2212 - Literature and Culture (3) 
  • LBST 2213 - Science, Technology, and Society (3) 
  • LBST 2214 - Issues of Health and Quality of Life (3) 
  • LBST 2215 - Citizenship (3) (SL) 

D) LBST 2301 - Critical Thinking and Communication (3) 

Students must take this course as one of their three LBST courses at the 2000 level. This course is restricted to Sophomore, Junior, or Senior standing.
Students with AP or transfer credit may or may not be required to take LBST 2301. 

Students who HAVE met this requirement will have the CTC attribute applied to a course accepted for transfer credit at UNC Charlotte. These students SHOULD NOT take LBST 2301 as part of their General Education requirements. Depending on transfer credit for other LBST equivalent courses, students will take all three LBST courses at the 2000 level in order to fulfill the General Education requirement.

Students who HAVE NOT met the CTC requirement MUST meet this requirement by taking LBST 2301.

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