Dr. Cathy Blat

Assistant Dean for Student Experiences and Director of OSDS
Smith 264

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Gina Robinson

Director for Recruiting and Freshman Advising, Freshman Advisor
Smith 228B

Sid Alvis, BSEE; NC PE; Nuclear Plant Design Programs; Human Performance; Continuous Improvement

Professor of Practice, Freshman Advisor, Director of the Leadership Academy
Smith 273

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Rachael Ohu, Ph.D., MSc. Structural Engineering, Structural Strengthening and Rehabilitation

Assistant Director for Freshman Advising, Director for WE Engage!
Smith 228C

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Jenny Becic

Administrative Support Associate
Smith 228

Bianca Fruscello

Digital Strategy & Content
Smith 228D

Gwen Gill, M.S.N.E., Nuclear Engineering, P.E., J.D.; Senior Engineer, Intellectual Property, Business Law

Freshman Lecturer and Advisor, Associate Director for WE Engage!
Smith 209

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Courtney Green, Ph.D., P.E.; Structural and Material Forensics Project Engineer

Teaching Assistant Professor, Freshman Lecturer, and Advisor
Smith 265

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Cindy Gregory

Business Services Specialist for Industrial Solutions Laboratory and Senior Design Program
Smith 228A

Meg Harkins, M.S. Env Sci, P.E.; Hazardous Waste Management and Remediation Consultant

Associate Professor of Practice, Chair of the Senior Design Committee, Director for the Engineering Freshman Learning Community (EFLC)
Smith 271

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Jim Hartman, M.B.A.; Communication Systems and Chemical Process Industry Business Development Officer and Executive

Director for the Industrial Solutions Laboratory
Smith 231

Shannon Keys

Senior Design Lab Manager
CAB 113A

Dan Latta, M.C.E, P.E., P.L.S.; Urban Land Design and Development Principal and Chief Engineer

Associate Professor of Practice, Freshman Advisor
Smith 268

Joan Lemcke

Business Services Coordinator
Smith 264 / Cameron 204
704-687-1990 / 704-687-1953

Kevin Lindsay, M.S. Physics, M.B.A.; Space Telescope Senior Research and Instrument Analyst

Freshman Lecturer and Advisor, Director for MAPS Program
Smith 266

Chris McDaniel, M.S. Engr/Env Mgmt, Major USAF (Ret.); Facilities and Environmental Programs Manager

Freshman Lecturer and Advisor
Smith 270

Yolanda McIlwaine

Senior Student Services Specialist and Program Coordinator for the Freshman Learning Community (FLC), Engage ME!, and WE Engage! Programs
Smith 228E

Sherman Mumford, M.S. Engineering Management; Manufacturing Operations Manager, Quality Systems Auditor, Lean Six Sigma BB

Freshman Lecturer and Advisor, Director for Engage ME!
Smith 208

Michelle Prasad

Senior Design Program Manager
Smith 228A

Linda Thurman; MA, Advising and Career Services

Director for Student Professional Development and Employer Relations; Career & Co-op Advisor
Smith 228F