Leadership Opportunities

The MAPS Program offers Lee College of Engineering students multiple opportunities to build leadership skills and connect with other students in the college community through both transition coaching and Supplemental Instruction (SI) leader employment opportunities.

MAPS Leadership Presentation

Transition Coaches

MAPS coaches mentor new and continuing students transitioning into the University and their respective degree program, by guiding students in developing their academic and professional potential based on the introduction and practice of skills and strategies reinforced by personal experiences. They are upper-class engineering students who have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, are involved in the college and university, and who are passionate about helping other students succeed. Coaches hold weekly coaching sessions with students, participate in a weekly coach development program, maintain administrative records, and support other MAPS program functions.If you are interested in being a coach, please contact the MAPS Program Director (klindsa6@uncc.edu).

SI Leaders

SI leaders are undergraduate students who have earned an A in the class for which they are performing the duties of SI leader. As an SI leader, the student will then sit through the class again, hold three to four SI sessions per week, and attend pre-semester and weekly training. SI leaders are trained in techniques to support student learning. SI leaders are not just group tutors, rather, they are expected to have a lesson plan for each SI session. Many SI leaders write quizzes and additional problems to help their students grasp the material. Students interested in SI leader positions should contact the MAPS Program Director (klindsa6@uncc.edu) or the Assistant Director for Supplemental Instruction (pdemaria@uncc.edu).